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247compliance.Us is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP. This program is valid for 1 PDC for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit

Culture aligned with company strategy drive company performance. If left unnurtured, unions can lead your workforce in different directions. Leaders are the key secret ingredient in creating a work environment conducive to collaborating and striving for company success. This seminar will focus on aligning workforces to the desired company culture to achieve company goals. Techniques focus on future business and employee
needs, as well as lessons learned through the impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Define culture, values, and behaviors, and identify their impact on business performance.
  • Define unions, their culture, values, and behaviors, and identify their impact on business success.
  • Review and discuss the roles of culture and unions, their impact on each other, and how alignment will improve business results.
  • Identify the critical role of leaders in union environments, including skills needed for cultural alignment and future business environments.
  • Overview leadership styles and behaviors of the future.
  • Identify strategies to partner with union leaders to identify and achieve common goals for mutual success. Present tools and techniques for creating cultural transformation plans, including assessing current state for gap analysis.

  • Overview / Definition Culture

o    Values
o    Behaviors

  • Overview / Definition Union
  • Role of Culture in organizations
  • Role of Union in organization and culture
  • Unions vs. Culture (Culture = DNA of company – how get things done)

o    Impact
o    Conflicts
o    Challenges

  • Union goals and how they impact companies
  • The leader’s critical role
  • Leaders of the future
  • Engaging employees to gain union and cultural alignment and transformation
  • Getting started – creating and executing cultural transformation plans
  • Leader expectations and accountability
  • Leveraging training of company and union leaders for partnerships, collaboration, and achievement of common goals
  • Creating business and union leader development and training plans

As Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast every day”. Companies spend time and money to achieve their goals, but often don’t include their employee’s needs in strategic plans. This course will help align
everyone in organizations, including unions, in achieving company goals with realistic goals and timelines.

  • HR professionals, 
  • executives and leaders focused on business performance and results
  • managers and leaders of unionized workforces

Donna recently left her corporate career as an award-winning HR leader to devote her time and energy in pursuing her passion of working with businesses to improve performance through their company culture and people strategies. She loves working with leaders to create winning cultures supportive of their business strategy and engaging all employees for aligned action. Donna is inspired by guiding leaders to think differently whether it is through formal presentations, webinars, articles she has written, or working directly with businesses. Future business success demands leaders to lead differently. The leadership styles we’ve emphasized in the past will need to evolve for the future. Our ever-changing business landscape seeks leaders with the ability to adapt quickly, show empathy and genuine care for people and business, and creatively network for new solutions. Donna guides leaders in building and using these skills to engage employees and partner across their business to solve problems. The pandemic has highlighted and forced the need for adaptable leaders who are always positioned for change and improvement, especially in the most difficult of circumstances. Learning from the successes and failures of the pandemic will make companies and leaders stronger for the future. Developing or transforming a company’s culture is a journey. It begins with leaders who believe in the company, its strategies, and employees, and is transformed through the engagement of employees. Working with leaders, Donna designs customized plans strategically aligned with all aspects of the company. With an objective viewpoint, she creates balance between ideals and reality, emphasizes timelines focused on achieving meaningful milestones, fulfilling identified gaps, and celebrating successes. Her past business experience, which includes leadership roles in Operations, HR, IT, Sales, Marketing, and Supply Chain, enables her to quickly participate in active business conversations, suggest improvements, and lead change in the transformation leadership team. Leaders enjoy working with Donna. They appreciate her candor, authentic leadership style, diverse and inclusive approach to problem solving, as well as her ability to think differently to overcome obstacles to achieve goals. Donna’s open and informal style gains trust from people. Her engagement with people enables her to close gaps and diffuse opposition quickly. Donna’s broad business experience and astute business acumen a her to allows her to be a value added participant in business meetings at all levels and enables her to act as an equal contributor.
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